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Buying from your local businesses


Introducing the latest stage in Wheathampstead’s Buy It Locally campaign – the Billy The Bee Wheathampstead Loyalty Card.



Whenever you buy something from one of the participating businesses they will give you a sticker to put on your loyalty card.  When you have six stickers you can exchange your card for a free beverage at Charlie’s or a Farr Brew beer in the Reading Rooms.


At least one of the six stickers needs to come from a non-High Street business.  You can easily tell them apart because High Street stickers are green and non-High Street ones are gold.




Loyalty Card scheme is to be relaunched in December 2019, watch this space for updates (and our social media accounts)


You can find details of the businesses which participated in the first year, they will be updated with the businesses participating in year 2 soon.

Buying from your local businesses

 Buy it Locally


There are two things you’ll want to know:

1) Why is it important to me? 


2) How can I buy locally more often? 


Here are some answers to those questions.


Why Buy Locally?

Get a better service. Local independent businesses care much more about their reputation, as a result you get a better service from someone who lives near you.


Boost the local economy. For every £1 spent with a small independent business 63 pence is reinvested locally, by buying locally you are making your village more prosperous.


Create local jobs.

A more prosperous business community creates more local employment. By spending more locally you could be creating jobs for people you know.


Have more choice.

The more you spend locally, the more businesses you support and the more businesses will be attracted to the village. The end result is you get a wider choice.


Live in a nicer community.

A thriving village centre means you avoid having to live in yet another sterile dormitory town.

How to find local businesses


You’ll be amazed at just how many independent businesses there are in your village and how varied they are. Have a quick look in your free edition of WOW (Window on Wheathampstead).


You can pick up your loyalty card and Billy The Bee Stamps from any of the participating Wheathampstead Businesses:

2by2 holidays business logo travel booking company wheathampstead, logo with zebra print border


Fancy booking a holiday to Africa, Latin America or India?   Book with 2by2 Holidays to collect your Billy The Bee stamps. 

2 Place Farm, Wheathampstead.    

the barbers yard shop front in wheathampstead village, gentlemen getting their hair cut, kids waiting to get their hair cut


The Barber's Yard, gentleman's hairdressers in the village.    


32 High Street, Wheathampstead.

Brimark's butchers shop in Wheathampstead butcher carving fresh chops for dinner


Brimark Butchers Butcher

4 Mill Walk Wheathampstead

 01582 834656



Charlie with Billy The Bee Mascot of WEB, Wheathampstead Enterprising Businesses Group buy it locally loyalty shopping campaign, outside CHarlie's coffee shop wheathampstead village, hertfordshire


Charlie’s  Coffee shop & tea room

Home baked cakes & friendly service.


1A Station Road, Wheathampstead.          

Striking Places Photography services and virtual tours (Google Street View Trusted Photographer).   


Belsize Close, Jersey Farm.


Thirst 4 Mugs  Hand-made china mugs, including custom designs.    

Necton Road, Wheathampstead.


Wheathampstead & District Preservation Society 

           Our Village conservation group 


C# sharp music tuition Claire Partington music lessons piano


C# Music Tuition   Piano Tuition     

Lower Luton Road            

Body Mechanix Osteopath Harpenden wheathampstead massage treatment on client patient

Body Mechanix Osteopath Cranial Osteopathy & Sports Therapy clinic.        

68B High Street, Harpenden.

all togs duvets wheathampstead business logo online duvet shopping


Get wrapped up warm, or keep cool during the summer months by buying your All Tog Duvets  

Online retailer of duvets, pillows & mattresses   Station Road, Wheathampstead.       

micro brewery The Reading Rooms pub in Wheathampstead village hertfordshire, buy it locally billy the bee loyalty scheme mascot standing in front of the entrance


The Reading Rooms, run by Micro Brewery Farr Brew.  

The Micropub 36, High Street  Wheathampstead.

Claire Spake illustrator Kimpton, Wheathampstead business member billy the bee buy it locally loyalty scheme, creator of billy the bee logo


Claire Spake, illustrator and graphic designer

Claire designed our Billy The Bee Logo!


Park Lane, Kimpton   clairespake.com


Lamburn & Turner  Accountant        


3 Place Farm, Wheathampstead.


The Swan Pub & Restaurant 


56 High Street, Wheathampstead.

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Wheathampstead Business Group (aka WEB) is a volunteer led organisation which supports local business initiatives.