Buying from your local businesses

Manor Pharmacy staff member holding up a BILLY the Bee leaflet shaking hands with BILLY the Bee (Ben in the Billy the Bee costume)

 Buy it locally


There are two things you’ll want to know:

1) Why is it important to me? 


2) How can I buy locally more often? 


Here are some answers to those questions.


Why buy locally?

Get a better service. Local independent businesses care much more about their reputation, as a result you get a better service from a business that operates near you.


Boost the local economy

For every £1 spent with a small independent business 63 pence is reinvested locally. By buying locally you are making your village more prosperous.


Create local jobs

A more prosperous business community creates more local employment. By spending more locally you could be creating jobs for people you know.


Have more choice

The more you spend locally, the more businesses you support and the more businesses will be attracted to the village. The end result is you get a wider choice.


Live in a nicer community

A thriving village centre means you avoid having to live in yet another sterile dormitory town.


How to find local businesses

You’ll be amazed at just how many independent businesses there are in your village and how varied they are. Have a quick look in your free edition of WOW (Window on Wheathampstead) Wheathampstead's online and in print directory.


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