The Pump - Wheathampstead Community Magazine

Advertise your Business in The Pump

In March each year Premium Members of WEB get access to great deals on advertising in The Pump.  This is the Parish’s foremost magazine and a well-used resource to find local Wheathampstead businesses.  Your advert will appear in all four editions of The Pump over the course of a year.

The Pump includes well researched relevant articles of local interest which means it is well read and sought after, and always a topic of local conversations. This means your advertisement will be seen by the readers – it’s not the type of thing that goes straight into recycling!

With wide coverage, The Pump is delivered through the door to all Wheathampstead Parish residents.

A Pump ad increases local awareness of what your business does, keeping your business top of mind. So you are who they think of when they need you!

Choose the Position and Size of your Advert

Premium Advert: Appears on inside front or inside back cover.  

Standard advert:  Appears on another inside page.

Both types of advert can be single – 66mm x 66mm – or double – 134mm x 66mm.

Book your Advert

Please remember you need to be a Premium Member of WEB to advertise in The Pump.

Requirements for your artwork

Your artwork must fit:

single advert space: 66mm x 66mm
double advert space: 134mm x 66m

If your software does not allow for such specifics, then please do what you can to ensure your artwork can be reduced to this size without distortion.

If you are able to find out the PPI (pixels per inch) of your artwork, please ensure this is at least 300 PPI in print-ready pdf format.

You must ensure that your advert is easy to read at the above-mentioned size, so try to avoid text that is smaller than 9pt where possible.

Please do NOT add any borders to your artwork. Either use a solid colour (including white), a pattern or a high-quality image.

If anyone would like their artwork checked prior to submission, you are welcome to email it to us.  We will then to check the sizing and resolution for you and suggest any changes to ensure it works as well as possible for your business.  To email us, please click here.