Chantal’s Gifts: Bespoke gifts, mugs & cards, all created with care

Written by: Chantal Fisher | on: 10/05/2023

Chantal takes pride in making the most delightful, unusual and unique gifts for you to surprise and delight your friends and relatives. What started as a hobby soon turned into a proper small local business with many and varied craft processes mastered over the past few years.

From prize winning, handmade, greetings cards to hand etched glass and slate. From stunning handmade crepe paper botanical art, to individually decorated mugs in a variety of materials, at Chantal’s you will enjoy browsing to find that extra special, perfect gift for your friend, colleague, father, mother, sister, child, uncle, aunt, grandmother, grandfather, wife, husband, lover or indeed, any other relation you might have where you want your gift to be thoughtful and heartfelt.

She also specialises in what she calls “smallsale” rather than “wholesale”, so if you are an artist or designer who would like to see your own work on a mug, or etched onto glasses or vases, you don’t need to order hundreds, she will make anything from a single item to 100! These can be great products that you sell yourself, they can be used as gifts for your customers, or prizes if you run a competition to promote your own business or competitive events. With a quick turnaround you don’t need to invest a lot of money and storage space, just order enough to satisfy your customers! Please don’t hesitate to contact her if you think she can help you expand your own small business.

Her work has been sent all over the world with commissions going to Australia, South Africa and The United States of America as well as the UK and Europe of course.
Since she bought her first cutting machine in 2016 she has gone on to master many different techniques from the world of hand decorated design and has been the recipient of a major prize in a world wide competition hosted by the manufacturer of her Silhouette Cutting Machine.
Chantal is naturally creative, slightly obsessive and she loves to carefully craft gifts for people who can enjoy them when they receive them and for many years to come.
Chantal prides herself in taking care of the details, hence Chantals Gifts being “created with care”.

Chantal is also involved with the Wheathampstead Business Community and is on their Committee Turntable.

Favourite Customers:

From Chantal “Every customer is my favourite, such as those who want a special, personalised card for a special birthday, or a new baby, to those who would like a very special gift for a relative or friend.  Buying a bespoke personalised item means I can get to know my customers well and offer them choices based on the likes and personalities of the recipient. Guaranteed to be appreciated by all.  I am a very firm believer in excellent customer service – it’s in my DNA!”

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