Karen Le Leu Photography: Newborn & Maternity Photography

Written by: Karen Le Leu | on: 17/07/2023

What inspired Karen to start her business?

Her love for photography began to grow when her daughter was born nearly 7 years ago. She wanted to record every little detail and freeze-frame every moment so she would never forget what those beautiful hazy times felt like. She didn’t want to miss a moment. At first, it was all about her daughter and her tiny little features, but as time grew, the importance of recording all the connections and love between their little family also became increasingly important to her. If someone had told her back then that her life would completely change because of her love for capturing these beautiful everyday moments through photography, she probably wouldn’t have believed them.

But here she is, nearly 7 years later, and now she gets to help other wonderful families across Hertfordshire capture their beautiful memories. She feels so unbelievably lucky every day that she gets to do maternity and newborn photography as her job!


Who are her clients? How does it work?

Like her, her clients are nostalgic and sentimental; they too want to remember and be taken back to those special times in their lives that pass by so quickly, often in a sleep-deprived haze. Her sessions take place in clients’ homes, which makes the perfect backdrop for capturing the authentic love and connections between family members. One of the great things about in-home sessions is that the everyday moments, such as feeding the baby, changing the baby, or pacing up and down soothing the baby, can all be captured where they happen every day…so in the years to come, her clients will be taken straight back to these moments when they look at their images.

Lots of her clients worry about the baby being unsettled in a session or older siblings misbehaving, but another great thing about in-home sessions is that babies and young children tend to be more relaxed in their own homes. And if the baby is unsettled, or the 2-year-old has a meltdown, that’s perfectly fine as well. The baby will be soothed and settled, and there is always plenty of time built into sessions, so they can be fed, changed, whatever they need. She also has lots of tricks up her sleeves for getting children to have fun at their sessions; she has 2 of her own and was a teacher for over 10 years before her photography career…so she has seen it all!

When is the best time to book maternity/newborn sessions?

The best time for clients to get in touch to book their maternity and/or newborn sessions with her is just after their 20-week scan. Karen will book the maternity session in for between 32-37 weeks, and pencil the newborn session in for around 7-10 days after the due date. Babies’ arrival is often unpredictable, so she only takes on a limited number of newborn sessions every month, so they should get in touch early to avoid disappointment. She aims to capture their beautiful everyday moments so they can have them to look back on and treasure in the years to come.