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Wheathampstead & District Preservation Society: Keeping Wheathampstead Wonderful

Written by: Julie Bell | on: 24/08/2021

What is the WDPS?

They are all about Keeping Wheathampstead Wonderful.

Wheathampstead and District Preservation Society (WDPS) is a group of dedicated local residents who want to improve our local environment. 

WDPS’s objectives are to preserve what is best where possible improve the environment and oppose inappropriate development in Wheathampstead and the surrounding area. However, it is not their intention to “preserve” the village and its environs in their existing state, but rather to conserve what is best about Wheathampstead.

WDPS accept that there has to be change and that some change is inevitable. Their aim is to try to ensure that change is managed in the best interests of Wheathampstead as a whole, and that unacceptable developments are not forced on the village against its wishes.

How did the WDPS come about?

The chair of WDPS, Julie Bell, serves on the WEB Turntable committee, which oversees the Wheathampstead Business Group work. Both WDPS and WEB enjoy working together to support the whole of the Wheathampstead village community.

Wheathampstead and District Preservation Society was formed in 1995 by local residents, with the immediate objective of opposing the proposal by Sainsbury’s to build a superstore and petrol station on the former Murphy’s Chemicals site on the edge of the village.

The site is now the Waddling Lane housing development.

If you’re not already a member of WDPS, please consider joining and supporting their great work!

WDPS AGM & Awards

This shows WDPS AGM Feb 2019,in The Memorial Hall many members and village residents enjoyed the wine and cheese and celebrating the people who were nominated for awards. 

Nominees were people who had contributed contributed towards Wheathampstead village being a great place to live and work.  

Previous WEB Chair, Jo Jailey (Striking Place Photography) was nominated for her great work in attracting key members of WEB turntable committee, helping us improve the way we support local Wheathampstead businesses and the local community.